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Hailey Young, Joey Brass

There’s always that one model in the office that every stud requires to bang – and today, sexy young hunk Joey Brass gets to taste the cute shaved beaver of office slut Hailey young! Hailey props herself up on Joey’s desk, spreading her legs and showing off the fact that she is not wearing any underwear. Her cooche is completely bald and already juicy juicy! She reaches forward with her stocking clad feet, fingering Joey’s erect prick through his pants; before you know it, Joey is holding Hailey down while he rams the crap out of her vagina and backside on the table! She spreads her legs wide once again as she jacks her guy’s load down her slutty throat.


Gorgeous and stacked Latina diva Fabia is going to try something new with her boyfriend. The horny Latin couple swap oral sex to kick things off. Fabia has her slippery beaver licked until she cums on her stud’s face, then she pays him back with a hot blow job. However, instead of Fabia getting screwed in her slot, she puts on her new strap-on and reams her boyfriend in the rump! She’s surprised at how easily the toy slides into her man’s booty!

Jessica Ryan, Lilly Hall

Lilly Hall leaves her purse with her friend, Jessica Ryan and not even five seconds later, Jessica is stuffing Lilly Hall’s used thongs in her mouth! When she gets caught by Lilly, Jessica admits her overwhelming fetish for sniffing innocent tramp’s thongs and gets Lilly immediately interested… After getting back to Jessica’s place, Lilly Hall gets stripped down and gets a hot tongue shoved up her twat until she ejaculates and jizzs HARD! Now it’s Jessica’s turn! Lilly bends her over and slides off that irresistible dark thong and sniffs it before making Jessica SQUEAL with pure desire as she munches on her beautiful shaved vag!

Daniela, Miroslav

This horny couple have been married for years but they still like to get their bang on! Big Titted Daniela has got a pair of tits to die for – if you love sagging mature hooters then you will definitely dig this redhead babe! Her guy, although eager in spirit, is lacking in the flesh, and although he can still get rock hard he lets his wife do most of the work. After giving her a brief doggystyle pumping behind a bush he lets her finish off, first by riding his cock and then jerking him off the rest of the way. Daniela is a horny sexpot, cumming multiple times on the prick and then masturbating herself while she pumps her husband’s penis!

JC Simpson, Brannon Rhodes

Every office has one – a horny tramp with a hot body that every man requires to fuck! Cubicle neighbors JC Simpson and Brannon Rhodes stay in over the lunch hour to work, but of course things don’t go as planned. Brannon keeps peering over the barrier at JC, taking in her delicious form underneath that nano miniskirt. Soon he’s got her bent over her own desk, the computer work forgotten as Brannon fucks JC’s coochie from the back. Once he’s got her juicy moist, he slides his dick into her moist, shaved bang hole, pumping her and making her firm body shake with each powerful thrust of his monster pecker. He even spunks right on her face!


Check out the incredible tits on this voluptuous strap-on starlet! As soon as her next customer, a shifty looking balding stud, comes in to her parlor, she knows exactly what he is going to require – to get done in the butt with her biggest toy! True to form, he screws her in her cooter briefly, and then asks her for assfucking penetration in a shy, quiet voice. She smiles broadly at him, allowing him to select his favorite toy – of course, it’s the biggest one she has – lubing it up and shoving it in his anus! Hefty boobs and a veteran strap-on babe with fantastic technique – what more could you want in a wild rump-fucking episode?!

Kaylynn, Jenna Leigh, Evan Stone

Teen Jenna Leigh is just chillin’ out with her step-mom, Kaylynn when Kaylynn’s massage man arrives. After Evan Stone sets up his massage table, Kaylynn’s step-daughter hops on the table complaining of back problems. Evan Stone probes her young, tender teen body with his manly hands, gracing her legs and even tickling her pussy…all the while getting his manhood sucked by Kaylynn from under the table! All hell breaks loose, and Jenna and her step-mom pile on top of the table with the booties sticking up in the air, pleading for shaft! Evan rams both this hot bitches sideways, missionary, backwards until he pulls out and shoots cream in their faces!

Amy Lynn, Herschel Savage

Amy Lynn hasn’t lost any of her sex drive over the years, but most men her age just can’t keep up with her needs. Herschel Savage wants to put his penis to the test, and this granny surprises him with a enormous pair of tits and the fact that she leaps right in to a 69. Amy has not forgotten the fine art of dickhead mouthing, and she’s going to be slurping that tool so hard that she almost gets the cum out of his balls there and then. She behaves herself enough to get that thick pecker deep in her old, mature vag.

Christina Snow, Bradley Remington

Sexy co-worker, Christina Snow strolls into her office wearing some super hot fishnets and a low-cut top that easily exposes her sexy dark bra. She notices her chair is missing so she goes ahead and plants her nice ass on Bradley’s lap. She can slowly feel him getting harder as she gently and coyly grinds against his crotch. Passions take hold and Bradley starts finger-fucking Christina with her pink panties still on. Then, he watches as this sexy latina strips down and sucks his manhood. Just getting started, Christina hops on Brad’s lap and spears herself with his oversize shlong and rides until Brad has to pull out and squeezes jism on her face!

Tina, Ladislav

The dickhead riding goes both ways in this outdoor strap-on fuck! Pretty brunette Tina is relaxing on her sun chair when her dude crouches down between her slender thighs and starts to eat her out. She lifts up her own ankles around her ears, desperate to feel his tongue in her inner depths. Her guy lies on the ground, his shlong pointing to the sky as Tina lowers her now wet dripping pussy onto the meat. She’s not the only one who is going to be doing some penis riding today – part way through the movie, Tina puts on a chunky red strap-on, with her stud lowering his own sphincter down onto the pole for some delicious prostate pleasure.

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